About us

We offer advertising on a market equipped with the worlds probably strongest locally registered trademark - Eurosalesman®. Taking every seller / buyer for the world's top markets with the right winning local feel.

“I would like to give my
customers the opportunity to
thrive and succeed globally”

- Ole Heyman, founder of Eurosalesman®

Eurosalesman was
founded by Ole Heyman

Ole has more than 20 years of experience in traditional sales and marketing, both nationally and internationally. This new concept where the foundation is already completed was born when Ole Heyman personally managed a small consulting company and wanted to get a grip of the world’s biggest markets online/offline in order to work them locally on behalf of its customers. The idea was to give customers a fast track to the world’s top markets and an opportunity to put your wings to a test there without major risks and costs.

Contact details

Head Office Stockholm Reimersholmsgatan 79 SE-117 40 Stockholm, Sweden


The best business locations
online/offline for our customers!

Eurosalesman AB – a Swedish company with a head office in Stockholm. The Eurosalesman® brand is an internationally registered trademark and top domain. Eurosalesman® and o www.Eurosalesman.xx is registered in more than 35 countries.

Eurosalesman's guiding principle is to create the most effective business locations, both on the Internet and offline. We do this by focusing on local and regional- aspects - globally, online. We give small and medium-sized companies local home keys to the world’s best markets and “one-stop shop”, which we have developed.

Enormously improved results
with local top domains and
local registered trademarks®

Many players online miss big business opportunities because of the mistake to only have a .com address for their global marketing online and their lack of local presence offline in local markets.

Using only a .com address is like shooting with a shotgun in the universe and do so very poorly. Instead, Eurosalesman offers its customers access to local top domains and registered trademarks where the accuracy is much greater and different activities can be measured with much greater certainty.

  • Sales company Eurosalesman is Member of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Global organization WIPO reg trademarks.
  • Eurosalesman® is registered with the worldwide organization WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). WIPO is one of 15 specialized agencies of the United Nations. Wipo has 191 member states. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of WIPO
  • ICANN national TLDs online World Wide
  • Organization ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. National top-level domains (country code top-level domain, ccTLD) are the domain names on the Internet