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ADS Terms and conditions worldwide Eurosalesman AB Sweden Multisite Eurosalesman.com/eurosalesman.xx

Eurosalesman hereby notifies customers / advertisers that the following applies advertising / publishing material at HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx”
www.eurosalesman.xx. HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx” URL www.eurosalesman.xx is used as a general term for all relevant pages in web portal Eurosalesman, containing the registered trademark Eurosalesman®.

External Laws and the origin of the goods

Many products and services are regulated by laws that may differ between different countries. The all customers / advertisers are responsible for ensuring that they understand the laws that apply to their business / services / products in each individual country and the full responsibility for being clear

Follow these laws

Follow these laws completely incumbent on the customer / advertiser. If not done in any way, owns Eurosalesman the right to withdraw published material immediately without any claims from customer / owner. Eurosalesman thus also attributes the right to remove links in ads / published material linked to pages that do not conform to the intended country laws, morals or ethics.

Particularly sensitive areas

Particularly sensitive areas are alcohol, casino, gambling, fireworks, healthcare, pornography and neighboring areas, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, drugs and drug accessories, tobacco products and weapons, etc.
The advertiser may not sell or market forged or stolen goods

Responsibility content

Although Eurosalesman AB handles the content of each website within www.eurosalesman.xx With the greatest possible accuracy, Eurosalesman AB cannot always guarantee complete and flawless or correct content. We assume no responsibility for any damages as direct or indirectly through the use of all HYPERLINK web pages
”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx” www.eurosalesman.xx.

External links

Eurosalesman AB has no responsibility for the content of web pages belonging to other companies or organizations. This also applies if there are links to other websites
HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx” www.eurosalesman.xx. It is always the owners of those
linked web pages that are responsible for and control the content of their pages. If Eurosalesman receives information about law violations or other harmful content in any respect
the links are of course immediately removed.

Data protection

All personal information at HYPERLINK http://www.eurosalesman.xx www.eurosalesman.xx will be treated very confidentially and is there to be able to give
the customer / advertiser the best possible personal service. Eurosalesman guarantees that all information of a personal nature will not be passed on to third parties and insures hereby that confidential data will be treated with the greatest confidence according to the applicable data protection law in Sweden, EU and GDPR

Trademarks, Brands and logos

Brands and logos on HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx”
www.eurosalesman.xx is the trademark owner’s property even if it should not clear at HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx” www.eurosalesman.xx and Eurosalesman only allows the use of trademarks / logos where the law clearly permits.
.The same applies to copyrighted material that is published only with permission from the holder or with the exception permitted by the law.

Procedure for ordering advertisements and advertising time service on eurosalesman.com and local websites Eurosalesman.xx

Ordering advertisement development and thus the advertising time service on Eurosalesman.com’s website is deemed to have taken place on the day/month/year once Eurosalesman Sweden AB receives an electronic order from a purchase manager and the purchase price is paid, thus benefiting Eurosalesman.com The purchase manager has signed the order form. The order becomes binding as soon as the conditions are fulfilled. Eurosalesman.com must confirm the content of the order. via ads@eurosalesman.com due to the different countries’ local regulations,

The right to refusal to develop and launch advertising
Eurosalesman Sweden AB determines whether an advertising project is in conflict with the traditional usage, customs and laws in a particular country. Eurosalesman Sweden AB has the right to refuse the services advertisement development and advertising time for such an order on all local websites. Reimbursement etc. is done in accordance with item Provisions for cancellation of advertising projects

Launching an advertisement and advertising time service
The time for launching an advertisement should be determined after the completion of the advertisement basis.

Language of advertisement development
All communication between Eurosalesman Sweden AB and advertisement purchasers must be done by e-mail in English/Swedish,

Deadline calculation and due date
When calculating deadlines etc. at the customer, Eurosalesman’s delivery date shall be considered the customer’s receipt date

Time of Eurosalesman Sweden AB draft advertisement
If applicable, Eurosalesman Sweden AB should present a draft of the advertisement to the purchase manager within 14 days from Eurosalesman Sweden AB’s confirmation of the current order.

Customer’s right to correction of advertising materials
The party ordering the development of advertising materials for a complete advertisement
Eurosalesman Sweden AB may require correction of the ordered advertising materials within reasonable limits such as colour scheme, text layout and so on. Max. 3 written corrections by e-mail within a period of 15 days from receiving Eurosalesman’s first draft advertisement. In order for this to be valid, the customer/recipient must send an email to Eurosalesman within 7 days after the first draft advertisement containing comments/corrections of the initial draft advertisement has been received.

Provisions relating to failure to make corrections within specified time frame
If no comments/corrections are made within 7 days, Eurosalesman’s first draft advertisement shall be regarded as approved by the purchase manager in its current state, a purchase will be initiated between the parties and the service will be deemed delivered.
The above shall apply also with regard to the 15 days’ right to corrections/comments. There is a deadline of 7 days from the first correction date. If the purchase manager has not contacted Eurosalesman, a purchase of the product in question from Eurosalesman will be considered to have taken place.

Ownership of the advertisement
After the end of the advertising time, the purchase manager shall be entitled to the advertising materials developed by Eurosalesman in their current state. Thereto associated Services etc. must be renewed by the parties as per agreement.

Provisions for cancellation of advertisement projects
The following shall apply in connection with cancellation of an ordered advertisement project.
In general, Eurosalesman Sweden AB and the purchase manager shall strive to reach consensus.
The purchase manager shall have the right to a repayment of an advanced payment for renting the service advertising time for each advertising space ordered by the purchase manager during the period in question unless the parties have already reached an agreement and possibly have forwarded materials for development of advertisements via email to the purchase manager.

The following conditions for repayment of advance rent for the advertising time service must be observed:
The application must be made in writing and emailed to ads@eurosalesman.com and issued by a purchase manager. The application must contain an account as well as all necessary financial information which facilitates this transaction. All costs and thereto associated transactions shall be covered by the purchase manager and shall be deducted from the repaid purchase sum.
The cancellation date must either fall before the order acknowledgement or before Eurosalesman’s first draft advertisement. After that, 1 – 6 days after Eurosalesman’s first draft advertisement, and then 1 – 6 days after the 15 days’ correction/comment period for the draft advertisement. .
If the conditions above are not complied with, there is a risk that the advertisement cancellation may not be valid in which case no money will be refunded to you.
If you have any questions or concerns about advertising please e-mail ads@eurosalesman.com


Disputes arising in connection with this agreement and in related other contexts HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx”
www.eurosalesman.xx. HYPERLINK ”http: //www.eurosalesman.xx” URL www.eurosalesman.xx is used as a general term for all relevant pages in web portal Eurosalesman, containing the registered trademark Eurosalesman® and
with Eurosalesman Sweden AB, it is only the English / Swedish language version that applies and forms the basis of all contacts regarding disputes with Eurosalesman.world/Eurosalesman Sweden AB. Disputes shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Simplified Arbitration for the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The seat of the arbitration proceedings shall be Stockholm. The language of the procedure shall be English or Swedish or applicable EU law shall apply to the dispute

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