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world’s most prominent

Eurosalesman global Multisite network is built on WordPress Multisite which is made for global campaigns. Eurosalesman's home market is the EU and it is a registered trademark with EUIPO and in all member countries.

Visibility on the world’s top markets

Sellers/buyers meet more than 40 of the world's top markets online@/offline® in the World’s Greatest Local Business NETWORK®. Offering you tailor-made powerful and winning local business actions globally.

Unique selling points for any business;

  • A United Nations (WIPO) Reg. no 1 317 106 global Brand of World Champions for successful marketing!
  • Limitless local business with marketing platforms on 5 continents, protected with exclusive rights on world top markets on local national domains.”Home markets”!
  • Powered by WP Global Multisite business network and nationally registered domestic platforms globally!
  • Local is King/Queen! Shake hands with local business around the world with a tailored winning national marketing strategy!

Exclusive and tailored business on 5 continents for increased marketing success!

Pick your continent and you can be on each country's domestic market in no time in the World's Greatest Local Business Network®.

Here you can with your local regional marketing shake hands with the Chinese, Germans or Americans, and many more. You have a local shop around the world!


Get access to the entire US internal market with a powerful US reg. trademark!

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Gain access to the entire EU single market with a powerful European reg. trademark!

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Gain access to the entire Indian single market with a powerful Indian reg. trademark!

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Gain access to the entire Chinese single market with a powerful Chinese national top level domain!

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